Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Marbled Green

Sunday night i had a Marbled Green NFG to my 30w twin actinic in my Milton Keynes garden. I had heard a couple had been trapped a few weeks ago in Old Stratford in Northamptonshire not to far from here too. Along with this was a Webb's Wainscot NFY.

Marbled Green 14/8/16
Webb's Wainscot 14/8/16
Also I've got a few micros for confirmation and a couple i need help with. Firstly i think i have Aethes smeathmanniana, but all the Aethes look quite similar.
A smeathmanniana?
Next Epinotia immundana?
E immundana?

Next 2 photos of the same moth the nearest i can come up with is Mirificarna mulinella?

then this, it was smaller than Pleuroptya ruralis but forgot to measure it. It just didn't look quite the same, thinking Anania but not sure which? look faded too.
Thanks in advance,
Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.


  1. Marbled Green is a very nice sighting in Bucks, Darren (2nd county record?). I think you are correct with your first two micro queries while the third looks more like a tortrix (Bactra sp?) and should be kept if you've still got it. The final moth appears to me to be a washed-out Anania (Ebulea) crocealis.

  2. Could the washed out tortrix be Cnephasia longana - it looks very like it to me?

  3. Unfortunately I don't have the Tortrix anymore, hopefully I catch another.


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