Monday, 1 August 2016

Not a moth...

A frontal of this creature appeared in my last post; here is an overhead shot as requested...

I don't know how variable hoverflies are, but looking at online pics of Volucella pellucens this looks a little different to me...

Dave Morris, Seer Green


  1. The value of an overhead shot. Look like Volucella inflata

  2. Wow, what a beauty. Never seen this species before. Nice

  3. V. inflata is by far the least common Volucella species in my garden, only recorded twice, though I don't go out looking for them. It apparently likes wooded areas where there is plenty of dead wood and is also generally only found in the south below the Severn/Wash line, so I guess the Chilterns are as good a place as any to find them.


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