Sunday, 28 August 2016

Vestal and Gypsy

After hearing about the influx of Vestal i was pleased to get my first ever here in my Aylesbury garden trap this morning. A couple more of note were a Gypsy moth (local or immigrant?), Udea ferrugalis and a Small Wainscot.  Dave Maunder
The Vestal, male, 28-8-2016

Gypsy Moth, male, 28-8-2016

Small Wainscot, 28-8-2016

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  1. Hi Dave, Vestal and Gypsy are ones I keep hoping for. Nice that they paid you a visit. I've had a few U. ferrugalis the last few nights and Silver Y has started to reappear after not being around here for about 7 weeks.



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