Saturday, 23 September 2017

A Later Marbled Beauty and a Not Sure Deep-brown Dart

At Linford Lakes last night these 2 turned up in a 40W Skinner type actinic.  I have noted the comments made earlier about this species thus the "Later"  in the title.  The Marbled Beauty is the latest that I have ever seen and quite a striking specimen.  I checked my records and I have 5 for September, 2 in 2006 and 3 in 2007 and the latest date being 11th September 2007.

                                                                 Marbled Beauty

The three of us at Linford Lakes this morning did wonder about this Deep-brown Dart as it was so unlike the Deep-brown Darts usually seen in this neck of the woods.  My Bucks list has Aporophyla lutulenta only so I assume that Aporophyla lueneburgensis,  the Northern Deep- brown Dart has not been recorded here.

                                                                 Deep-brown Dart?

Gordon Redford
Newport Pagnell


  1. North Deep-brown Dart would be very unlikely and would need the specimen kept for verification. Could it be a Hedge Rustic. What are the hindwings like?

    1. Thank you Martin. Specimen was not retained. I have seen Hedge Rustics in Suffolk and this one did not look like those.

  2. That's a smart Marbled Beauty, Gordon - I hardly ever see the yellow-flavoured ones!

    The second image certainly looks like some of the Deep-brown Darts I get around here. Isn't there still some doubt as to whether Northern Deep-brown Dart is really a good species or has that now been resolved?


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