Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Late Marbled Beauty

Although there was nothing new for the year, more than 80 moths of 26 species to the garden actinic trap last night seemed quite a good result considering that it rained until midnight then the temperature fell sharply under clear skies.  Rather unexpected was the Marbled Beauty below, which the books say flies in July and August, but on checking I see that there have been a good number of records throughout September in Bucks for well over a decade now and even one for October. 

Marbled Beauty, Westcott 18th September

The rest of last night's catch comprised Acleris variegana (1), Epiphyas postvittana (1), Celypha lacunana (1), Eudonia angustea (2), Common Marbled Carpet (3), Double-striped Pug (1), Brimstone Moth (7), Lilac Beauty (1), Light Emerald (3), Turnip Moth (1), Large Yellow Underwing (13), Lesser Yellow Underwing (3), Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (1), Setaceous Hebrew Character (4), Square-spot Rustic (8), Common Wainscot (3), Black Rustic (4), Lunar Underwing (13), Centre-barred Sallow (2), Sallow (3), Copper Underwing (1), Flounced Rustic (1), Dark Arches (1), Pale Mottled Willow (2) & Snout (2).  Further items new for the year over the previous couple of nights included Cypress Pug (17th) and Pink-barred Sallow (16th).

Pink-barred Sallow, Westcott 16th September

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks

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