Thursday, 21 September 2017

Rammamere Heath, Bucks

Probably the final one of my monthly visits this season to Rammamere Heath on the Bucks/Beds border, a trip there last night produced just short of 40 species, none of them unexpected.  Only the one moth was worthy of comment:  Autumnal Rustic is not at all common in Bucks but last night it proved to be the most abundant species seen with 34 trapped altogether.

Autumnal Rustic, Rammamere Heath 20th September

Other species seen included Mallow, Feathered Thorn and Brown-spot Pinion, all of which were my first sightings for this year.

Feathered Thorn, Rammamere Heath 20th September

A Mallow appeared at Westcott last night too but unfortunately it had succumbed to a bat attack and the only evidence left for me to see was a single forewing.  It was one of 28 species attracted to the garden actinic light (in excess of 150 moths altogether), of which Deep-brown Dart and Beaded Chestnut were also new for 2017.  As is usual at this time of year, only about half of those moths actually entered the trap and the rest were found spread around the lawn.  Lunar Underwings, of which 31 were recorded, seem to be the most adept at hiding between blades of grass and can be particularly difficult to spot. 

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks

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