Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Another Clifden Nonpareil for VC22

I have been recording moths from my garden in Harwell village, Oxon, for the last 4 years or so, mainly using a home-made Skinner-type trap (MV light).  While the numbers I trap are not high I do get a diversity of species. This morning I found this magnificent moth in my light box, along with about 30 other moths. I see that a Nonpareil was also recorded recently in nearby Didcot, but as you will see from the photo this one is in better condition (although a bit worn on the head)  Unusually about half of the other moths were Black Rustics (14), although I have only seen singles of these previously. As expected others included  Lunar Underwing (6), Setaceous Hebrew Character (3), Beaded Chestnut (2).  The only micro was Eudonia angustea.

John Thacker

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  1. Congratulations, John! I was told of another local find today when one was found inside a classroom at Padworth College, Berkshire. This seems to have been a bumper year for the species and there are still a couple of weeks left in which others might be able to join the "Clifden Club".


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