Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A couple of queries (from quite a good night)

Some quality and a fair amount of quantity from Wolvercote, Oxon, on 18th May, with a first Puss Moth and Flame Carpet of the year among over forty individuals. A couple I'm not sure of: an inevitable pug, which seems greyer than most, but I can't manage to place; another Caloptilia type, but not obvious to me; and what I think must be Ancylis badiana, although there seem to be quite a few similar species available for confusion... All help greatly appreciated. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Possible Caloptilia type?, 18/5/14
Presumed Ancylis badiana, 18/5/14

Greyish, but otherwise unknown pug, 18/5/14


  1. Hello Steve and Xander, the top micro is a Parornix species. The Micro Field Guide lumps them together under Parornix anglicella for a good reason - they can't be determined on sight as adults because they are all very similar. This is another family group that requires either inspection under a microscope or a search of your garden vegetation for leaf-mines (each species is specific to a certain foodplant). Yes to Ancylis badiana.

  2. How about Mottled for your unknown Pug? It seems to have the two pale smears in the right place.

  3. Good idea, Adam - that looks right!

  4. And many thanks, Dave: I should have remembered the Parornix problem! I may one day get into leaf mines...


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