Saturday, 24 May 2014

... and some micros

Slightly fewer micros, but perhaps rather more confusion about them... I think we have here a Brown House-moth (Hoffmanophila pseudospretella); a Pyrausta aurata (the photo doesn't show them, but the hindwings looked right), which was flying in the garden this afternoon; a Telechrysis tripuncta (awful photo, but the light this morning as we sheltered from the rain in our shed was very poor), a species we had on three days in June and July last year and which I think is quite unusual; and a couple of almost complete mysteries, the first of which may be Eana incanana, but the second of which I have no idea of. Again, all suggestions gratefully accepted. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Presumed Brown House-moth, 21/5/14

Presumed Pyrausta aurata, 24/5/14

Presumed Telechrysis tripuncta, 23/5/14

Possible Eana incanana, 23/5/14

Mystery micro, 20/5/14


  1. Yes to Hofmannophila pseudospretella. The Pyrausta I need to se the underwings. The next one I'll let someone else do, the next looks more like a Cnephasia species and the last is a Coleophorid.

  2. Hello Steve, the third one is as you suggest, while the fourth is definitely a Cnephasia and not Eana incanana.

  3. Many thanks, both (and Peter on the macros)!


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