Monday, 26 May 2014

Another BAP Species

With the weather looking to be cool and wet now until towards the end of the week I took the almost foolhardy decision to try for another NERC Act S.41 (the former UK BAP list) Priority Species in Bernwood Forest, Bucks last night.  The temperature was a tolerable 11C at dusk but had fallen to 6C within a couple of hours under clear skies (why is it that the Met Office are singularly incapable of accurately predicting cloud cover at night?).  I stuck it out and was rewarded with a grand total of 43 moths of 21 species in the allotted three hours, within an area of prime woodland habitat that on a warmer night would have been heaving with moths!  However, happily for me the desired species did put in an appearance, a single male of the (not so) Common Fan-foot entering the trap while a pair in cop landed on the grass nearby.

Dave Wilton

Common Fan-foot, Bernwood Forest 25th May


  1. Dave: You could also try - a Norwegian weather site with an English language version.
    Andy King.

    1. Thanks, Andy. I'll give that one a try. The best result, though, may be to continue with the Met Office in the knowledge that whatever they predict the opposite will happen!


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