Monday, 26 May 2014


Bozedown, Whitchurch (south-facing unimproved chalk downland slope and woodland) 19th May 2 MV overnight 111 species and counting (when the last of the micros come out of the freezer). It was very warm (min. 15C) but this is an exceptional catch for May. Light Feathered Rustic numerous (the target species), 3 Pauper Pug, about 10 Haworth's Pug which I don't think I've ever seen in May, Light Brocades by the dozen and 2 Great Prominents were highlights that spring to mind. I wasn't expecting 2 Neofaculta ericetella but that just shows how far 'resident' species travel. Only a very small handful of the early spring species and some of the expected May things were already going over. Sometimes in May one can build up a long species list but with only a few individuals of each, but these were big catches. I didn't do headcounts but there was a lot in the grass and I reckon 300-400 per trap. The Toadflax Brocade in Oxford recently is new for VC 23 btw.
Martin Townsend

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  1. I was at Holtspur Bottom that night and thought I was extremely lucky to get just over 100 species. This rather puts my total in the shade!!

    Light Feathered Rustic seems to be doing really well in the Chilterns this year. Andy Banthorpe has found it at two sites in Beds and you know that Marc Botham and I confirmed it from Pitstone Hill. I presume that it will also be found at other sites along the scarp slope between there and your record from the Goring Gap (Aston Rowant, perhaps?).


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