Monday, 19 May 2014

But is it Art?

At home last night in Chorleywood.
Andy King.


  1. I think I'd like a posh sheet like that under my trap too, Andy! Have you named those two moths Yin and Yang?

    1. To be honest, we weren't on first-name terms, and now they've gone. Besides, I wouldn't want to contravene any data-security laws. Can you imagine trying to name each moth in the trap on a warm, cloudy night in June? Even in those baby-naming books there aren't enough names beginning with 'M'. Pretty soon, however, you'd probably find yourself on first-name terms with some pleasant, quietly-spoken people in white coats.

  2. I certainly name those moths that don't cooperate - mind you its usually the same name repeated!!
    Hmmm philosophically which moths do you put each side of the "equal and opposite" equation?


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