Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Central Oxford Micro Puzzles

I've got a couple of left-over unidentified micros that I'd appreciate some help with. The first looks like Udea olivalis except that it's missing most of the pale markings on the wings including the main large square ones. The second is a Tortrix species that may just be a Light Brown Apple Moth (which I get a lot of in my garden) though it looked sufficiently different for me to think it might be something else.

Adam Hartley

Tortrix species


  1. Your micro 1 does look odd. The white spot also appears to be in the wrong place for olivalis. As the alternatives are found in totally different parts of the UK, I can't see what else it can be. It does show variation. Now, note carefully the wing shape of Micro 2. Classic for postvittana.

  2. I'd say the top one was a washed-out Pyrausta aurata/purpuralis.

  3. Thanks to both of you, most helpful.

  4. Hi Dave, yes you are probably right. That makes more sense.


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