Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Do moths fly in the rain?

Yes, in Thrupp, Oxon, they do. Frustrated after a few nights of non-trapping and confident in Mr & Mrs Robinson's simple but very effective rain shield, I lit the lamp and the following species arrived: the last of my six predictable hawk moth species, the Elephant (following Poplar, Lime, Privet, Eyed and Small Elephant); a Swallow Prominent; a Spectacle; four each of Treble Lines and Flame Shoulder; a White Ermine; and a solitary Cochylis atricapitana which chose one of the two eggboxes which had got damp. Perhaps they enjoy the damp or salt, like mud-puddling butterflies?  Martin Wainwright


  1. Take care id'ing the Cochylis group. Lots of pitfalls there. Did you take a photo?

  2. Thanks v much Peter. I've put a pic on Can't transfer it at mo but could try ater unless you have time to check over there. All warm wishes. M

  3. Thanks so much. I'm always very chuffed when I get one right! All v best M


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