Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Eye, eye

A lovely fresh pair of Eyed Hawks last night means that only the Elephant Hawk remains to arrive out of the six species which are predictable here. The moths are dozing contentedly and I keep showing them to neighbours as ideal material for spreading interest in the mothy world.

Other macros continue to come in great numbers - like Steve and Xander in Wolvercote, I'm finding it hard to cope. In the last three nights, new arrivals for the year have included Figure of 80, Campion (Update: no, it's a Lychnis - see Comments), Buff Tip, Barred Hook-tip, Clouded Silver, Dog's Tooth, Flame, Knot Grass, Lime-speck Pug, Marbled Minor, Poplar Kitten, Scorched Wing, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Small Phoenix, Silver-ground Carpet, Swallow Prominent (Lesser SP is my last remaining 'regular' Prominent still to show up, and quite a team of the dodgier brown and grey brethren whose IDs still need work.

Finally, am I right in believing this pretty micro (pic above) to be Cochylimorpha straminea? It was one of the light-coloured outsiders I mentioned the other day, declining to actually enter the trap along with several White Ermines and a Chinese Character.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Hi Martin,

    Have you got a picture of the Dog's Tooth. This is not a common moth and a fairly good record. I've never seen it before. I think Steve and Xander had one in their garden last year as I remember. Getting plenty of Bright-line Brown-eyes and Light Brocades and would be nice to see this much scarcer species. BW, Marc

  2. Hi Marc. I've sent pics to Dave and am awaiting his ruling on that and the Campion which may be a Lychnis and the Barred Hook-tip if that's what it is. I can send them to you too if you can email me on All warm wishes, M

    1. I've seen Martin's picture and it looks like Dog's Tooth to me, a very nice find. Wolvercote is close to the Thames and Thrupp is on the Cherwell, so plenty of damp areas in that general locality north of Oxford, which is something that the moth seems to need. Cutteslowe (see Marc's further comments below) is also close to the Cherwell...

  3. Hi both - Marc, you remember correctly, we did have a Dog's Tooth last year (early September, I think), so I'm keeping an eye out for it this year too: no luck yet. It would be good to know there's a population around the area north of Oxford which Wolvercote and Thrupp both fall under.

  4. Yes, it's very interesting. I wonder if we could organise a trapping session some where around there at some point. Talking of which, on 6th June I am running a moth night at Cutteslowe Park as part of the Oxford Festival of Nature which is being run this year by BBOWT. Chris Bottrell is going to come and help me and bring his amazing mothing screen along - I usually just put a bulb on a tripod over a sheet, but Chris's stand up screen is at least 1 million times better and really good for such an event. I will put a few more traps out as well. I don't know arrangements for leaving stuff overnight yet - possibility of security or me just staying over with traps. Whatever happens the plan is that I will then go and check the traps at first light on morning of 7th and make lists then plug up raps and stash them somewhere out of the sun. Then there will be a moth id where people can come and go through the traps with me at 10am I think. If you fancy coming that'd be great. On the night of the 6th I think I've suggested a 9:45 start for people to arrive but I'll have to check that. Cutteslowe isn't too far from you and who knows we might turn up a Dog's Tooth which would be very exciting :).

  5. Hi all - thanks again for expertise. I'll post the pics on the blog so others can enjoy and I hope they visit you too. The Cutteslowe date sounds excellent, just the sort of thing to spread interest. All v best and long live the Wolvercote-Thrupp Axis, M

  6. ...and I see that we've all got so carried away with Dog's Tooth that we've ignored your question, Martin! Yes indeed to Cochylimorpha straminea.


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