Saturday, 24 May 2014

Friends or Relatives, Part 2

Hello again!  Encouraged by lightning response to my last query, can I just ask about this pair. They look Brocade-ish to me, but I don't think I dare venture into issues of Light, Pale-shouldered or Dark in view of my record.  Many thanks again.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Well, ignoring the pink wash (was your camera confused by the 'interesting' colour of that rug - or was it something that Auntie knitted you for Christmas?!!), the top one is Rustic Shoulder-knot. For the bottom one I'd prefer to see the whole moth and out of shade.

    1. The reddish colour is real, there is a form like that, but less frequent than the broewn ones

  2. Large Nutmeg for second one Martin. These two species seem to generate the most confusion at this time of year, both can get quite abundant in May/June with RSK peaking slightly earlier. Farmland is pretty good for both species - I get loads of both and when I did a project years back in Bucks these were by far the most abundant species with 100+ of each in every trap. The should-knots can be quite indistinct in RSK on worn specimens but in your picture you can make them out quite well as the small black lines. Large Nutmeg doesn't have these. I made a slide pointing out distinguishing features of both for someone last year or year before. I'll try and locate it and send to you as I'm sure you'll see lots of both of these, both fresh and worn, in the next few weeks. Best wishes, Marc

  3. Lovely, thanks so much and the slide sounds very useful. The background is my beautiful dressing gown, Dave. Except when I'm photographing Elephant Hawks, it's better than my knees It is interesting how the camera angle and light can alter colouring and tone, though, specially in my hands maybe. Many thanks. I'll wait a bit before my final queries which are on pugs. I've come up with my own ideas but fully expect them to be off-beam. All v best M


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