Saturday, 10 May 2014

Ghost moth

We had, near the trap, a very unusually pale individual last night. Although the photo doesn't show this as clearly as it might, this individual's body and legs were white, and I assume it was showing some degree of albinism (does that happen to lepidoptera?). Judging by the shape and what can be made of the colouration, I think it must have been a Green Carpet: does that look right?

Possible Albino Green Carpet, 8/5/14

We also had what I think must be our second Red Twin-spot Carpet of the year, although the twin spots aren't as clear as they might be. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Presumed Red Twin-spot Carpet, 8/5/14


  1. Hi Steve
    The first is a White-pinion Spotted (as opposed to the White-spotted Pinion...the moth naming guys must have had an off day...) - we had a couple last night during a session I will be reporting on when I get back from collecting the overnight traps. We also had a fair few Red Twin-spot Carpets...

  2. Many thanks, Dave: I must learn not to jump to conclusions!

  3. I seem to remember that Mr Morris and myself jumped to the same conclusion when we first encountered this species........RP

  4. I seem to remember that Red Twin-spot Carpet was not reliably distinguished from the red form of Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet without dissection, or have things moved on?


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