Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Holtspur Bottom

Unable to resist the warm temperatures despite this being the fourth night in a row trapping away from home, another survey visit to our own butterfly reserve at Holtspur Bottom near Beaconsfield, Bucks last night proved very productive.  Two MV traps run for nearly four hours caught 104 species, of which 40 were micros.  Unsurprising when one considers how much Yellow Rattle there is in the meadows, Grass Rivulet (48) was the most abundant moth in the traps.  The three species illustrated below were the pick of the bunch, any one of which I would be more than pleased to see in my garden (some hope!).

Dave Wilton

Mocha, Holtspur Bottom 19th May

Maple Prominent, Holtspur Bottom 19th May

Campion, Holtspur Bottom 19th May

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  1. Hi Dave, I get all 3 of these in my garden reasonably frequently, though Campion less so. I'd love to get some of your garden moths in mine!


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