Thursday, 15 May 2014

Not so simple

"At last a moth I can safely ID," I said to myself, on discovering this handsome Treble Lines in the Robinson trap here at Thrupp this morning. But it wasn't so easy, as the incomparable Mr Lewington's pictures in the Moth Bible don't show this colourway. Anyway, the moth is new to me this year. Also in the eggboxes was the battered Pale Pinion below, a moth which has attracted lots of attention on the blog, plus three Green and one Red Twin-spot Carpets, three Shuttle-shape Darts, two Muslins, a Maybug and my first wasp (in the trap; I've seen dozy ones creeping around elsewhere). I'm also trhilled to have a moth mystery explained by Dave's post, two below, as I mention in a comment there. Martin Wainwright


  1. To me the moth bible is Skinner (sorry Martin T). The Treble Lines shows lots of variations on the theme, and you may get more extreme versions yet.

  2. You won't wean me off W,T and L, I'm afraid nor off using the greatly more appealing Englsh names! All best M


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