Thursday, 1 May 2014

Tawny, I think

Just to add another Tawny Pinion - I think, please correct me if it's Pale - to the blog's growing store. It shared the Robinson trap here at Thrupp, Oxon, with just a Powdered Quaker and a Clouded Drab (plus a lot of Caddis flies of all sizes). Also, let's hear it for Ox & Bucks' most freedom-loving moth, the Brimstone. I've seen ten this year so far but only one of them in the trap. Most of the others found perches nearby but this one, as experts on tarmac surfacing may recognise, had chose an extremely perilous resting place on Bicester station footbridge. At least it was well after the rush hour.

PS The Tawny might equally well be called the Horny Pinion. Are those little horns its palps? Interesting that to the amateur human eye, it also has the appearance of having a couple of 'ears'. Martin Wainwright

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