Friday, 23 May 2014

Thank You

Here is a small bouquet (courtesy for Dave, Marc and various other experts they consulted over the questionable Pale-shouldered Brocade/Dog's Tooth discussed in recent posts. Taking so much care over just one moth, now definitively sorted as a P-sB (Update: sorry I jumped the gun; the third of three experts has interesting doubts as Dave reports in the final comment to my previous post), underlines the huge value and accuracy of this blog. Many thanks again!  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Thanks, Martin! However, you'll see from the additional comment I've just posted under your picture of the offending moth that it was a vote 2:1 in favour of Pale-shouldered Brocade and not a clean sweep. In all honesty I think it has to go down as one of those that we'll never really know for sure without having the specimen available to look at more closely.

  2. Hi Dave - that's even more interesting. Sorry, the comment wasn't up when I posted my flowers!


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