Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Among the caddis-flies

The night of 19/20 May was memorable for the swarm of caddis-flies in and around the trap. As Dave Wilton had hundreds at Holtspur, which is 2km from our garden on the other side of Beaconsfield, it makes one wonder how many were around Beaconsfield that night. Anway, the night produced five new species for the garden: Seraphim, Campion, Eulia ministrana, Calamotropha paludella and Syndemis masculana. The Campion should not have been a surprise given the amount of invasive red campion in the garden.

Dave Ferguson


  1. Hi Dave
    You have a Lychnis there.

    All the best

  2. Hello Dave, I would have put your top moth down as Lychnis rather than Campion (their basic markings are very similar but Campion should be more colourful than your photograph shows, especially this early in the season). I'm also not at all sure what the middle moth is - it seems to have been in the wars!

  3. For what it's worth I caught a very similar moth to your middle one the other day and eventually decided that it was probably just a very worn Bee Moth.

  4. I'm with Adam on the Bee Moth - had two in the Rothamsted trap the other day that looked exactly like this one. And another yes to Lychnis as well. BW, Marc


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