Tuesday, 13 May 2014

White Ermine?

First trapping for a week or so, nothing in the trap but what I think is a White Ermine (as opposed to the Buff Ermine I've seen about the garden before) in the grass. I nearly missed it because although it was obvious I thought it was a fallen fruit tree blossom.

Can someone confirm it's a White Ermine?

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Hi Mark,

    yes White Ermine. I had a similar situation last night, albeit a few more moths in number. The trap had 7 White Ermines and 3 Muslin Moths. The only other moth was a Flame Shoulder. Not many species but obviously an emergence of Ermines. BW, Marc

  2. thanks Marc. Hoping for better things later this week.


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