Saturday, 3 May 2014

With reluctance, another pug

I hear what people are saying about pugs and the fun to be had from identifying them, but I put this one, from 1st May, forward hesitantly, in the hope that someone can come up with a firm suggestion: although there's nothing on the photo to indicate size, it was, or gave the impression of being, rather smaller than the Oak-tree Pugs we've been getting. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Unknown Pug, 1/5/14


  1. Hi Steve,
    Your chances of an accurate ID are vastly improved if you can get a photo from directly above, rather than an oblique angle as the wing shape can then be properly seen. Having said that, I know it's often easier said than done.

  2. Thanks, Richard: I had a feeling that was the case but as you'll have guessed had an awkward shot into an eggbox to pull off here! I'll try and extract the moths for future purposes and photo them somewhere more convenient (I do have problems stopping them flying off at such times, but it's worth a try).


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