Friday, 23 May 2014

Woodland Burial Park

Quite a few moths around the security lights and in the 6W trap this morning at CWBP.

Birch Mocha (NFY; not recorded at the site since 2010), Silver-ground Carpet, White Ermine, Cinnabar, Waved Umber, Common Swift, Pale Oak Beauty, Light Brocade (NFY, might be NFS as well!), Orange Footman, Clay Triple-lines (NFY), Clouded-bordered Brindle (NFY), Iron Prominent (NFY) and Scoparia ambigualis (NFY).

 Birch Mocha
Clay Triple-lines

I'd also like to take this opportunity to promote the Bucks Invertebrate Group trapping session at the site on May 31st; please see the BIG Events Calendar for full details. I'm the leader for this, but this is mainly for admin purposes, so I hope some of you proper experts can come along, especially someone with a generator :) We do have tea/coffee and toilets!

Dave Morris


  1. We'll keep you all in suspense until just before the event Dave. Did you miss off the word "cake" after tea/coffee on purpose?

  2. The availability of foodstuffs is variable; today it was mainly fruit, but cake and biscuits are not unknown. You'll have to wait & see :)


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