Thursday, 6 August 2015

A few lifers in recent days

Last night (4th August) was strikingly disappointing here in Wolvercote, Oxon, with only 38 indivuduals of 23 species (although two - Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing and Square-spot Rustic - were NFY). However, recent nights have brought some quite nice lifers to the garden - admittedly, the first, a buff form Poplar Hawkmoth isn't a lifer as such, but the first example of this form that we've seen; and the Brown-line Bright-eye and Cypress Carpet are both definite firsts for us.

'|'Buff' Poplar Hawkmoth, 3/8/15

Brown-line Bright-eye, 3/8/15

Cypress Carpet, 2/8/15
The following would be a lifer if we've got the ID right: the lack of black markings on the wings and, well, the brown-ness of the tail tip makes it look like a Brown-tail (as opposed to Yellow-tail), but the brown isn't quite as dark as I'd like - any thoughts?

Presumed Brown-tail, 2/8/15

Presumed Brown-tail, 2/8/15
And these two aren't lifers at all, or even NFY, but just species we like seeing:

Nut Tussock, trying to camouflage itself, 1/8/15

Chinese Character, 2/8/15
Steve and Xander Goddard


  1. Your Brown-tail is just a Yellow-tail, Steve. Brown-tail has much more substantial antennae and the dark brown hairs (much darker than those on your specimen) cover not just the tip but much of the top of the abdomen as well. This is where an image of a set specimen such as that shown in Skinner is much more useful.

  2. Thanks, Dave -- I had a few doubts, but I think I'd seen that Brown-tail was appearing elsewhere, so thought it might be. Never mind, plenty of other lifers around the place.


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