Sunday, 30 August 2015

And (mainly) unknown micros

A few micros which we've not identified here from Wolvercote, Oxon: firstly, what may well be a faded Pyrausta aurata from 29th August; a mysterious hump-backed beastie from 22nd August (sorry for the digression from moths, but we're curious as to what it could be); a possible Cochylis species from 13th August; a very shiny micro from 22nd August; an obvious-looking one, but which we just can't find, from 12th August; and an awful photo of a rather lively, and again obvious-looking white-headed micro from 22nd August. All suggestions welcome!

Steve and Xander Goddard

Just a faded Pyrausta aurata?, 29/8/15

A fly species??, 22/8/15

Possible Cochylis species, 13/8/15

Shiny unknown micro, 22/8/15

Unknown micro, 12/8/15

White-headed micro, 22/8/15


  1. Are you taking photos in a dense fog?

  2. Hello Steve & Xander, as Peter says these aren't the clearest of images. The top one is indeed a Pyrausta but, as has been discussed earlier, you need to see the hind-wings to differentiate between aurata and purpuralis. The last but one moth might be Bryotropha domestica but it is difficult to be sure what the others are.

    By its shape the odd-looking beast in the second image must be the leaf-hopper Ledra aurita.

  3. There would seem to be a problem with my camera, I think. Re. the Pyrausta, I think I'd missed that discussion, but will have a look back over. The leaf-hopper is interesting, and the fact that I see it belongs to the Cicadellidae leaves me a little less alarmed at having at first thought it reminded me of a cicada.

    1. Look here for the Pyraustas:

      If you don't currently have any books on other insect orders, I'd thoroughly recommend getting a copy of 'A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain & Ireland' by Paul Brock (Pisces, ISBN 978-1-874357-58-2) to give you a general overview. In a lot of cases it won't get you a specific species ID but its 2,700+ pictures will be of great assistance in getting you to the right general area.


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