Monday, 3 August 2015

Bradenham, Bucks

Martin Albertini, Peter Hall and I took advantage of the brief window of 'warmer' weather last night and ran traps on part of the National Trust estate at Bradenham.  This was where the small plume moth Oxyptilus pilosellae was rediscovered two years ago, having not been seen anywhere in the UK since 1964.  We found it again at the same time last year in company with plume expert Colin Hart and, sure enough, two good candidates for the species appeared once more last night so it looks as though it continues to thrive here.  Another significant micro caught this time was a well-marked example of Anarsia lineatella which is an adventive species to the UK, this being its first known sighting in VC24 Bucks.  In Europe it is a pest of some fruit trees.

Anarsia lineatella, Bradenham 2nd August

The total catch last night exceeded 200 species, 116 of them being macros.  Amongst the more interesting species seen were Psyche casta, Acompsia schmidtiellus, Sitochroa palealis, Oncocera semirubella, Mocha, Least Carpet, Royal Mantle, Phoenix, Barred Rivulet, Satin Beauty, Maple Prominent, Kent Black Arches, Olive, Scarce Silver-lines and Waved Black. 

Dusky Sallow: Bradenham 2nd August

Epiblema foenella: Bradenham 2nd August
Magpie: Bradenham 2nd August

Oncocera semirubella: Bradenham 2nd August

Dave Wilton & Peter Hall

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  1. Would love to see Oncocera semirubella - good to hear it's spreading through the Chilterns.


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