Thursday, 27 August 2015

Ear, ear

This is a cheeky question because the moth shown isn't from the Upper Thames area. It lives in the Scottish island of Colonsay where I've just been on holiday. But if anyone would care to hazard a suggestion as to which of the Ears it might be, I would be very grateful. Sorry that I have failed to provide a scale, as usual, but if you are familiar with tarmac, the background may give an idea of size.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Hello Martin, I'm afraid dissection would be necessary to be sure of the exact species. It would appear that all four Ears are known from the Scottish islands.

  2. A clear photo of the underside of the hindwing can often separate out Large Ear, otherwise as Mister Wilton says it would need the chop. Let me know if you want the deed done

  3. Thanks very much for this, both - I've researched the Ear in more depth than is usual for me, and a fascinating story it is, of how the four came to be discovered. Peter, alas, my specimen (which I first took to be a Common Rustic, is flying safely around in Colonsay (or, perhaps more likely, being digested there by a bird or bat) Many thanks again M


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