Sunday, 23 August 2015

Happy birthday to me!

A day or 2 ago I dissected 8 moths from a month or so back and 3 of them turned out to be new for me:
Coleophora siccifolia seems to be reasonably scarce in our area; it came from Chiltern Open-air Museum when I was there with Dave Morris and Rob Payne.

Dioryctria abietella is actually not supposed to be all that infrequent, but this was the first to turn up in my garden in Chorleywood. Devilish difficult to separate it from similar species.

And Morophaga choragella is quite common, - but I still hadn't ID'd it before. It is, of course, similar to a number of other 'clothes-moth' relatives. Also in my back garden.

This all called for wild celebration* in the household, because it brought my Life-list up to exactly 950 and because it coincided with my birthday!
* Well, I let my cup of tea brew until it was quite strong!
Andy King.


  1. Never realised you were 950 years old. What's your secret?

  2. Happy Birthday Andy!

    What was the date of capture of the Coleophora, so I can add it to the COAM list?

    1. I'll send you the whole list, Dave; there are others to add.


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