Friday, 7 August 2015

Moth on Buddleia

I think I saw a Stout Dart (spaelotis ravida)on a buddleia flower in my Chalfont St Peter garden today. It was about 2cm long, brownish-buff, with dark brown markings near the tips, but more orange towards the leading edges which were parallel with its body. The antennae wer very thin. By the time I had got my binoculars and camera it had moved to a leaf 8ft up, so I could only see its underside which was pale.  These photos are the best I could manage before it flew off, so I will be surprised and pleased if anyone can identify it. 


  1. Hello Wendy, I'm afraid that looks to me like a Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing. It is a shame really - there are nearly 50 records for Stout Dart in Bucks but it was last seen 20 years ago so would have been a very nice record...!

  2. I also thought that and before I'd seen the comments from the two learned gentlemen who got in first. Amazing how little you need to identify some moths! More would have been needed for a Stout Dart record.

  3. Thanks very much, I'm impressed given that the photos only showed snippets of it. All three of you experts in agreement makes it a definite ID. I hope it shows its yellow underwings when it next pays a visit.


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