Thursday, 6 August 2015

Mursley moths

I've had a few 'new for my garden' moths this month that I'd like to check...and a couple of puzzles.
1st August- Euzophera pinguis?
3rd August - Acrobasis advenella?
3rd August - Tissue?
4th August - Phycita roborella?
5th August - Dusky Sallow? (sorry about filthy pot!)
A Rustic-like moth I've been catching quite a lot that I'm confused about.
A micro that looks distinctive, but I can't track down.
I was very pleased with Lime-spot Pug, Least Carpet and Carcina quercana - all new - that I could identify!
Many thanks
Mick Jones


  1. Hello Mick, yes to the first two, the third is Dark Umber, yes again to the next two, then you have a Common Rustic agg (Common or Lesser Common - needs the chop to determine which one) and finally Celypha striana.

    Two of the six very common local phycitinids have really obvious distinguishing features which it is worth remembering in order to save you time when going through the trap: Acrobasis (Trachycera) advenella with its red head and Acrobasis (Conobathra) repandana with its buff front end. Phycita roborella is, generally speaking, larger then the others and the males have very obvious thickened areas at the base of the antennae (I presume your image is of a female!). Rhodophaea (Pempelia) formosa is far more richly red-coloured than the others, which just leaves you with Acrobasis consociella and Acrobasis (Trachycera) suavella which might need a reference to the books to distinguish between the two.

  2. Thanks Dave
    Useful tips here.
    I think I am improving...a bit!


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