Thursday, 13 August 2015

Mursley Moths

A few species new to the garden that I'd like to check.
8 August - Udea prunalis
10 August - Udea lutealis
- White-spotted Pug?
- Hedya salicella?
- Argyresthia goedartella?

12 August - Red Twin-spot Carpet? Or is it the red form of Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet?
- Flounced Rustic?
13 August - Double-striped Pug?

And finally...introducing my new trap. After concerns about upsetting the neighbours by placing my Skinner trap in the best bit of the garden, I decided to try a black light. I ordered a 25W compact flourescent black light from NHBS, then set about building a trap around it a couple of days ago. Plastic box and lid, plastic funnel, outside light fitting from Homebase, some wood offcuts and cable I already had - total cost just under £20, slightly less than the bulb! I tried it last night, as you can see here, and I think I did almost as well as with the Skinner. No more worries about lighting up the neighbourhood now!
Mick Jones


  1. My my Mister Jones, you are getting good. Correct on all (including Red Twin-spot Carpet). I like your trap. How do you stop it all getting puddled on the lid in the wet?

    1. I am working on a small modification to deal with that eventuality...after all, it's hardly rained in Mursley for weeks!

  2. As Peter says, it looks really good for a fair-weather trap! I use an 84 litre "Really Useful Box" (...other brands are available!) with a circular hole cut on the lid to replace my Robinson base when I'm expecting very large catches. It provides far more space and can take the large square egg-trays, but has the drawback of having a flat top which simply becomes a giant puddle if it rains.


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