Monday, 10 August 2015

Native migrants - Crescent Dart

It's usually very difficult to impossible to know when a resident species is a migrant, but last night I had a Crescent Dart in my Didcot garden trap, which must be a migrant unless someone's been releasing them nearby - can't think many people would be rearing this species though. Lovely fresh individual, very much the best moth in a fairly busy but otherwise bog standard catch last night. Record shot below (will try and add better photo later). Marc Botham, Didcot

Crescent Dart, Didcot, 09/08/15


  1. What an absolutely splendid record (Didcot isn't exactly well known for its cliffs and rocky shoreline!). Good to see that your garden is turning out to be somewhat better for moths than you originally anticipated.

  2. Bonkers isn't it. Definitely a quality not quantity garden. It's a funny place for sure.

  3. Nice one Marc - a new record for VC22! Berkshire is a well-recorded county and it's not easy to find macro-moths that haven't been recorded before. I think this is the first macro to be added to the county list since 2011 (when Roger Hayward had Lunar Double-stripe).


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