Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ni Moth?

I had this probable Ni Moth in my Aylesbury garden trap this morning - I've seen many a Silver Y, but this looked different to my eye, and has the broken y shape. If anyone can confirm then it would be a first for me. Thanks, from Dave Maunder

Ni Moth


  1. Dave

    Looks like a good contender, but I'm not certain, so best to keep for confirmation.
    Excellent record if it is Ni and second Bucks record for the year (earlier posting).

  2. For me that's a very fresh-looking Ni Moth, Dave - very well done! Please keep it for Martin, though. Our supply of migrant moths seems to have been added to just recently ... I wonder who will be first locally to get a Bedstraw Hawk-moth?!

  3. Post it off to me Dave, to save Martin handing it over later.

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments - i have retained it for possible eggs as it's female, then will send it on to Peter.


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