Sunday, 9 August 2015

Pine Hawkmoth and a micro for confirmation

I put my 15w actinic Heath trap, running from a battery, out in my garden last night. It never attracts the numbers of moths I get with my 125w MV Skinner trap, but it does sometimes attract some different ones. I was therefore very pleased to find my first Pine Hawk-moth inside the trap this morning. Not in pristine condition, but a tatty specimen is better than no moth at all.

A couple of other moths were firsts for the year - a Toadflax Brocade and what I am pretty sure is a Flounced Rustic (Dave W. warned us in a post a few days ago that these were on the way!).

Finally, I found a micro in the trap which I have not seen before, but looks to me like Calamotropha paludella. As ever, a second opinion would be much appreciated.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Hi Steve, I think you'll find the third of your three macros is Straw Underwing - provoke it into action and all should become clear from the hind-wings! The micro is indeed Calamotropha paludella.

  2. Hi Dave, many thanks for spotting my blunder with the Straw Underwing! I think I was thrown by the black solid bars linking the cross-lines - well, that's my excuse anyway. I have now seen the lovely straw-coloured hind-wings, and sent it on its way.
    I still await my first Flounced Rustic of the year. At least I got the micro id correct.


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