Monday, 10 August 2015

Pitstone Hill, Bucks

Martin Albertini and I ran four lights on the National Trust's Pitstone Hill last night.  We didn't break any records with the species count but a few nice moths did turn up.  Antler was out in force and it was also nice to see Chalk Carpet (just the one), Square-spotted Clay and Tree-lichen Beauty.  Best macro of the evening so far as I'm concerned was Lesser-spotted Pinion, a species which we haven't recorded there previously.

Square-spotted Clay, Pitstone Hill 9th August

Tree-lichen Beauty, Pitstone Hill 9th August

Lesser-spotted Pinion, Pitstone Hill 9th August

Amongst the micros there was once again a good count of Oncocera semirubella (nearly 200 between the four traps, this being its Chilterns stronghold), but they were surpassed by Agapeta zoegana of which there must have been in excess of 250. 

Dave Wilton

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