Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Streamer surprise

I've just been sorting the 21 July 2015 catch from the Rothamsted light trap at Burnham Beeches, South Bucks and was surprised to find a Steamer.
The Bucks records are as follows March 22, April 484, May 226, June 1.  For June the record is for the 1st.
Is this a very late record, or a second generation?


  1. How many funnels did it have?!

  2. Did you spot the water vapour rising up and get the urge to dunk a teabag?

  3. Is that what you get if you put a Flame under a Water Carpet? Leaving aside the steam-powered humour there are no records after early June in Berkshire. I'd be surprised to see lots of unusual second broods given the appalling spring, but it seems too late to be a delayed emergence of a first brood individual. Maybe just a one-off that has got very confused?


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