Monday, 3 August 2015

Three micro's-Help please!.

Sorry about the quality of some pictures/moths.I hope there's enough of a view to give somebody a clue. I have the first as Scoparia basistrigalis.

Many Thanks,

Steve Lockey (Garsington)


  1. the last one is Blastobasis adustella

  2. The scoparid is really too worn to be identified from a photo, Steve. The second one looks to me like Bryotropha affinis but that would depend upon its size.

  3. Thank you both, the second was 4-5mm. How on earth can some get good photo's when they are hyper- active, Do they freeze them?.

  4. Hi Steve, freezing won't work unless you want a photo of a dead moth. I don't find putting them in the fridge for a while works either, as by the time they're back under the lens they're back up to steam again.

    I normally transfer them what I photograph them on and leave alone for a while to settle. If they get skittish a few gentle knocks on the covering pot can work.

    Most will, but some won't co-operative.


  5. Thanks Nigel, I certainly don't want dead moths as there are increasingly not enough to go round. I shall try your approach and give them plenty of time to,hopefully,calm down.

    Steve. .


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