Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Three moths for confirmation

I managed to get my garden moth trap into the dry first thing this morning before the heavens opened.
I know thorns have featured on this blog already this year, and September Thorn seems my most regular thorn at the moment, but the one below looks to me more like an August Thorn.

I have had problems identifying Turnip Moth in the past, but hopefully I am correct this time in thinking the moth below really is a Turnip Moth.

Finally, I have the micro below which looks to me like Cryptoblabes bistriga. The fw measures 8mm.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Hi Steve, I don't find these thorns easy either, but I'd say that was still a September Thorn. Yes to Turnip Moth and Cryptoblabes bistriga.

    1. Thanks Dave. I was in two minds about the thorn. I take comfort in the fact that even the experts find them tricky.

  2. I agree with Mister Wilton, it's September.


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