Saturday, 8 August 2015

Webb's Wainscot

I had this moth in my trap last night in Beenham Berkshire. I believe that it is a Webb's Wainscot but as this is new for the garden I would appreciate confirmation of this. I know of a small pond nearby with some bulrushes and I have had Bulrush Wainscot once before.

Derek Brown


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    1. Yes but I can't get it to attach or navigate this page to reply

  2. Derek

    Do you have a shot more from the side to give a better view of a single forewing.

    1. Martin.

      Yes I do but unfortunately I cannot post pictures for some reason. I discussed this with Dave Wilton and he had no solution either but is looking into it. I sent the previous picture to him and he then posted it so I will do the same with the more 'side on' picture.

      Cheers Derek

  3. Looks good for Webb's to me Derek. And that's a good record for the county, only about the 8th on the database since Richard Lewington added it to the county list in 1998. First record since 2010, and the first for West Berkshire.

  4. Thanks for the side shot. Happy with Webb's now. Seems to be a bit more darkly marked than usual.


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