Saturday, 1 August 2015

Wife takes the credit!

I think my wife's garden planting with it's large selection of tree's, shrubs and moth attracting flowers makes my moth trapping so much more attractive and of course much better for me. Despite the temperature getting down to 8 degrees last night there were still a hundred to sort through for the GMS totals.

Last night I had my first Chocolate-tip to take my years macro total to over 150.  So dig up that lawn and plant, plant, plant!

Steve Lockey (Garsington)


  1. I quite agree Steve. A lawn is of very little use to moths, especially if it is mowed to within a millimetre of its life once a week.

    However, it is often the case that other family members don't share our enthusiasm for lepidoptera and view a lawn as an integral part of any garden. Luckily, the lawn in our garden is only about 50% grass, the remainder being daisy and self-heal which if allowed to flower do at least provide another nectar source if you can get away with not mowing it for a week or two!

  2. Of course, I have to reluctantly agree with you Dave, but when you see all the concreted front gardens and lack of any hedge replacement in the wider countryside it does make me wish that we could do a little more!.



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