Friday, 8 September 2017

Acleris emargana or effractana?

Can't decide on wing shape whether this moth, in my trap here last night, is an A. emargana, which I have had here before, or maybe an effractana, which I haven't.  Any comments, please, or maybe it is worthy of a closer examination?

Richard Ellis


  1. Hi Richard, as it says clearly in Sterling et al, "examination of genitalia is required to confirm identification of A. effractana". Your moth does look to be a possible candidate, although two I had in 2015 which were very similar to yours both turned out to be emargana. As far as I'm aware, there are as yet no confirmed records for effractana in Bucks.

  2. Thanks Dave. Yes, of course, I missed that bit in Sterling et al. I'll ask Peter to check it out.

  3. Happy to check it for you. Looking at the Micro-moth distribution maps, it seems restricted so far to the nothern coastal areas, mainly in Scotland. There is one south record but who knows how reliable that is.


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