Sunday, 2 August 2015

I.D. help required, please!

A few moths trapped in the Chilterns last night i'm not sure of, so if anyone can help i'd be grateful. My wife Jo also found a fully grown larva of Hummingbird Hawk Moth on Lady's Bedstraw at Grangelands today - a nice find.   Dave Maunder
Southern Wainscot?

Southern Wainscot?

Acrobasis advenella?

Unknown larva on Dark Mullein

Hummingbird Hawk larva

Not sure --


  1. The pointy wingtip means Southern is a possibility, personally I'd need to see the hindwing to make certain. The next one down is advenella and your final one is one of the Eucosmas.

  2. The crease across the front of the thorax is clearly visible in your pictures, Dave. That's a Southern Wainscot.

  3. Thanks, Pete and Dave - much appreciated.


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