Friday, 26 February 2021

Westcott, Bucks

In direct contrast to the previous week, this seven-day period has been quite good in the garden, in fact better than is usual for this time of year.  Last Friday (19th) produced my first Clouded Drab of the season, albeit one with a mal-formed forewing although that didn't seem to affect its ability to fly.  On Saturday night five species came to the light, including Acleris hastiana and Satellite, while on Sunday there were nine species including another example of Acleris hastiana as well as Emmelina monodactyla, Dotted Border and Hebrew Character which were new for the year.  The two pictures below give an indication of just how variable Acleris hastiana can be.  There are many more forms, some of them actually quite colourful (in contrast to these two!).   

Acleris hastiana, Westcott 20th February

Acleris hastiana, Westcott 21st February

Monday night (22nd), when it was cooler and very windy, ended up being a blank for moths but they re-appeared each subsequent night with numbers of the three most common Orthosia species (Common Quaker, Clouded Drab & Hebrew Character) showing signs of an increase.  Wednesday night was actually quite good with eight species altogether, including garden year-list additions Acleris kochiella, Tortricodes alternella and Silver Y.  The Silver Y was the only sign of any migration here during the recent period of southerly winds. 

Silver Y, Westcott 24th February

Last night (Thursday 25th) it turned rather cooler again but, as is often the case, those few hours after sunset came up trumps before the temperature dropped too far.  Four species appeared, of which Agonopterix alstromeriana was new for the year here.  The list now stands at 26 species (15 macros).

Agonopterix alstromeriana, Westcott 25th February

Dave Wilton Westcott, Bucks  

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