Monday, 22 March 2021

Acleris sp

Trapped last night in woodland at Combe, Oxon. A rather sorry looking specimen. I had wondered about A. kochella or perhaps A. logiana.? Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks.


  1. Hello Nic,
    To my eyes that's a rather tired example of Acleris ferrugana or Acleris notana (which would in any case need dissection to separate).

  2. Thanks Dave.
    On the subject of dissection. I'm not really sure of the protocol, procedure and ethics.
    Is there any obvious answer or perhaps online reference?

  3. Impossible to rule out several species in this instance. If you would like difficult specimens identified or confirmed by dissection I would be very happy to take them off your hands. To save time and effort they can be frozen and stored in the freezer until the end of the season. Message me off-group if you're interested in doing that and we can discuss it.


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