Monday, 15 March 2021

One of the Crambinae?

 Whilst cutting back hypericum in my garden last week I disturbed this which looks to me like one of the crambinae grass veneers but an odd time of year isn't it?  I get a lot of agriphila in our garden during the summer so is this a very faded one or something quite different?


  1. Hi Mary-Anne, I think it's Ypsolopha mucronella.


  2. Hi Mary-Anne,
    Nigel is correct. Two Ypsolopha species over-winter as adults so can appear this early in the year, one being the highly-variable Y.ustella (a species mainly of oak woodland) while the other is the distinctive Y.mucronella which you have here. Its larvae feed on spindle.

  3. Thank you very much for solving this puzzle. We have spindle in the garden hedges so this makes perfect sense.


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