Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Mottled Grey

 Further to your post on species to look out for, Dave, I hope you don't mind me reminding folk that there is a potential confusion-species that is certainly found around now in the area: Early Tooth-striped: 

(This is an old photo from 2011). 

Andy King. 


  1. Hello Andy,
    Yes indeed, thanks for posting this because I should have mentioned that Early Tooth-striped is indeed a possible confusion species. There are several ways of telling them apart but perhaps the easiest is to look at the antennae as they provide a very clear distinction. The Mottled Grey I illustrated a few days ago is a female, while the antennae of the male are even more obviously feathered. Those of both the male and female Early Tooth-striped are 'simple' and have no visible feathering at all.

  2. In most places you are more likely to get Early Tooth-striped.
    In the Bucks database the records are Early Tooth-striped 250 V Mottled Grey 24

  3. I've edited the original message ("BOLO", 11th March) to add in a couple of lines about Early Tooth-striped.


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