Sunday, 28 March 2021

Micro-moths for beginners

 A guide designed for those starting out on moth identification and recording in our area has been available over the past year at the BC-UTB website: The guide can be freely downloaded as a set of PDF files. Initially the guide covered only macro-moths, but recently I have added a further PDF file giving a short introduction to micro-moths. This illustrates aspects such as where to find micro-moths and some tips on how to start identifying these, as well as listing other resources available to help the beginner. So have a look at this if you are tempted to go beyond macro-moth identification and recording and/or let others know if they would potentially benefit from the guide.  

Additionally, Peter Cuss has recently written a 'Beginners guide to moth trapping' which is similarly available and listed alongside these files.

John Thacker, Harwell


  1. While on the subject of guides, a far more detailed introduction to moth trapping is one of a handful of useful pdfs available for free on the Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies website. Go to and under the heading bar click on "Guides"

    Even more detailed is the soft-back book "A Guide to Moth-traps and their Use" written by Reg Fry and Paul Waring for the Amateur Entomologist Society which is available from most entomological book-sellers for around £14 plus p&p.


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