Thursday, 10 April 2014

A bit of colour from Thrupp

My first Purple Thorn of the year cheered things up here at Thrupp, Oxon, after a week of coldish nights. I note that this moth hasn't been much mentioned here so far although WT&L give its flight season as from mid-Feb to May. I wonder if it is late for some reason this year?

Hebrew Characters such as the one behind the Thorn have become the dominant moth in the Robinson trap during the week, achieving a majority by the weekend and cementing it last night with 21 specimens compared to five Powdered Quakers, four Clouded Drabs, four Common Quakers, one Small Quaker, one March Moth and five - I think - Brindled Beauties.

I say 'I think' because I am not sure whether this battered and smaller specimen might be a Small or Pale BB. Any help much appreciated as always.  Martin Wainwright

PS The Snakeshead Fritillaries in Magdalen Water Meadows are fantastic at the moment, though I'm not talking butterflies here. The gardens are open normal hours and specifically in aid of the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday.

PPS Forgot to add that a neighbour at the other, more tangly end of Thrupp had a Streamer at the kitchen window last week and now plans to borrow the trap, which is good news.


  1. This is still a Brindled beauty, Martin, despite being smaller - wish i could get a few to my garden trap here in Aylesbury!

  2. Thanks v much Dave. I will give them maps and send them over

    All warme wishes. M


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